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Microsoft Office  Keyboard Guides

Comprehensive tables of keyboard shortcuts for selected Microsoft Office applications. Lists, tables and diagrams, as appropriate.

Microsoft Office Keyboard Guide Page

Direct downloads:
Word XP/2003  Keyboard Guide
  (v0.9 - 155 KB PDF)
Equation Editor / MathType  Keyboard Guide
  (v1.0 - 108 KB PDF)

Computer Game Keyboard Layouts

Printable quick-reference card template with keyboard layout and examples. Ideal for customised FPS (First Person Shooter) keyboard layouts.

Game Keyboard Layout Page

Direct downloads:
FPS Keyboard Template
  (v1.0 - 10 KB WordXP)
Diablo III Keyboard Layout
  (v1.0 - 30 KB Word DOCX)
Star Wars FPS Keyboard Layouts
  (v1.0 - 52 KB WordXP)

3rd Ed. D&D Feat Charts

Printable charts of all the character feats in a selection of D&D 3rd Edition computer games, including descriptions, prerequisites and inter-relations. Makes level advancement much easier.

D&D Game Feat Charts Page

Direct download:
Neverwinter Nights  Feat Chart (v1.1)
The Temple of Elemental Evil  Feat Chart (v1.0)
Icewind Dale II  Feat Chart (v1.1)

4DOS/4NT Batch Files

Coming soon eventually: a selection of useful batch files to enhance your command-line experience!

Game Reference Booklets

Printable booklets summarising important game information in easy-to-read tables, charts and lists.

Gems of War

Gems of War Quick Reference Tables web page!
Tower of Doom Scroll Tracking Spreadsheet
  (Google Sheets)
Guide to Explore Mode in v4.6+ (web page)
Gems of War Reference Sheet (Jan 2020)
  PDF (186 KB)
Gems of War Kingdom Power Checklist (v1.61)
  PDF (138 KB)   Word (53 KB)

Diablo III

Diablo III Sprinter Guide v4.1
  PDF (3.0 MB) -- (Download Page)
Diablo III Sprinter Guide Time Record
  Word (25 KB)
Diablo III Kanai's Cube Checklist (Season 18/patch 2.6.6)
  Sorted by Class   PDF (190 KB)   Word (64 KB)


Tables include Vending Machine inventories, U-Invent recipes, prices for Gene Tonics, and a map of the Rapture Metro.

BioShock  Reference Booklet
  (v1.0 - 1.1 MB PDF) -- (External Link)

Civilization II

Tables include Wonders of the World, Spaceship construction details, Tax earnings calculations, Unit upgrades from Leonardo's Workshop, terrain conversion charts, etc.

Civilization II  Reference Booklet
  (v1.5 - 823 KB PDF) -- (External Link)

Jedi Knight Series

Includes full lists of secrets and cheat codes (including information not available elsewhere), details of force powers, special moves, weapon recommendations and more.

Jedi Outcast  Reference Booklet
  (v1.0 - 172 KB PDF)
Jedi Academy  Reference Booklet
  (v1.1 - 228 KB PDF/WordXP)

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