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Reference Booklet for BioShock

Download the Game Reference Booklet here (PDF format):

  • BioShock   Reference Booklet   (v1.0 -- 1.1 MB)

Please read the readme file for printing instructions and licensing. This booklet is formatted for A5 paper (equivalent to folding A4/Letter paper in half).

As the spiritual successor to the System Shock games, there were big expectations for BioShock when it was released in 2007. While its plot and setting certainly lived up to the hype, the PC version was somewhat ham-strung by the developers' cross-platform ambitions. In particular, a number of inventory-like screens were missing from the user interface. It was partly this omission that motivated this booklet's development.

Although excellent Walkthoughs already exist for BioShock, they tend to include only information that will help the player survive or navigate the game. This booklet instead provides reference information aimed to make for a smoother playing experience, answering questions that even an experienced player will ask.

Other guides are also mostly designed to be viewed electronically, which requires switching away from the game on a PC, or using a second screen in the case of a console. This booklet is intended to provide a well-formatted, paper document that can be quickly referenced during game-play.

Booklet Contents

The information in this booklet does include some minor spoilers, mostly about game mechanics (which weapons are available, what items can be crafted, the concept of Harvesting, how many levels are in the game...). The most revealing material is probably the two pages on quest rewards, which should be avoided on the first play through.

This booklet contains details of inventory capacity, Vending Machine inventories, U-Invent recipes, prices for Gene Tonics, and a map of the Rapture Metro. Also included are research and quest rewards, and checklists for research, invention materials and left-behind loot. And just for good measure, some tips to avoid some annoying quirks.

Any feedback or suggestions for improvement are, as always, very welcome.

Printing Note: The reference booklet is formatted for A5 paper. In order to print, you can use your printer driver or Adobe Acrobat to select booklet printing, or pre-cut your paper to the correct width (14.8cm/5.8"). Note that Acrobat often shrinks pages by about 10% to add extra margins.

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