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Reference Booklet for Civilization II

Download the Civ2 Reference Booklet here:

Civilization II is looking quite long in the tooth, but it's still an awesome game. It can also be a very complicated, technical game, which is why I created this booklet (back in 2003), bringing together all I know of the way the game works.

This package contains a set of documents to print out a small, reference booklet for Civilization II. By summarising important information in easy-to-read tables, all you need to know to make those tough decisions will be always at your fingertips.

The booklet aims to take the guess-work out of managing a civilisation. If you’ve ever asked, "When is it profitable to build a Bank?", "Should Wine be mined or irrigated?" or "Why is my industrialised city starving?" this booklet is for you.

Tables include Wonders of the World, Spaceship construction details, Tax earnings calculations, Unit upgrades from Leonardo's Workshop, terrain conversion charts, the effect of City Improvements and Governments, and even the mix of terrain needed to build the perfect city.

Finally updated for modern printing in January 2020!

Note: The booklet is formatted to print in A5 size. Please adjust your print settings accordingly.

Here's a sample from the terrain conversion charts:

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