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Reference Material for Diablo III

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These files are formatted for printing on A4 or A5 paper. Please adjust accordingly if printing on other sizes. If Word wraps lines in the tables, please adjust cell margins back to 0.1cm.

[Sorry about the extra click to the download page. My free web host doesn't allow files over 500KB.]

These files contain Spoilers!

I've spent way too much time playing Diablo III over the last four years. But I've also been gathering data for a Reference Booklet. The files here are the first fruits of this work. (Note that most files are intended for printing. For me, physical copy = quick access.)

Sprinter Guide(s)

The Sprinter Guide is a step-by-step reference to the Sprinter and Speed Racer Season Conquests. After an introduction full of advice and explanatory notes, the Town Camper guide allows anyone with a good knowledge of the game to use almost any character as the Town Camper. The Runner guide (and Concise Runner guide) help divide the Runner tasks and include important reminders and maps for selected areas. The Time Record allows the Town Camper to record quest and act times during the conquest; the Word version lets you save your times for posterity.

The five parts of the guide can be downloaded individually or as one PDF. Unfortunately, three of the files are too big for my free web host and are hosted on an ad-sponsored host (Tripod/Lycos).

Kanai's Cube Checklist

The Kanai's Cube Checklist is useful for keeping track of which items you've already committed to Kanai's Cube (or found but not yet extracted) without having to go back to town or load a different character. Note that powers not yet in KC will have an open diamond next to the legendary power when inspecting the item, but this checklist adds more flexibility. I actually prefer printing it with two pages per A5 sheet of paper. (I'll update for new patches and seasons as soon as I get data on any new items.)

I'm providing the Word version so you can record your finds more permanently, and copy them across for each new season (with some care for the new or removed powers). Please respect my copyright and don't distribute modified versions of this file. I recommend using the Wingdigs tick (check) character for recording, which I've prefilled for the first item so you can just copy-paste.

The colour-coding by class is an experiment that might need refinement. I also have plans to reformat to three columns per landscape page, and to replace the Item Type and Class text with icons.

Keyboard Layout

The Keyboard Layout is a customisable template. The distributable version includes the default key bindings (as at patch 2.4.0) and the author's preferred, customised layout.

Any feedback or suggestions for improvement are very welcome. Just send me an .

Please respect my copyright. You may distribute these files freely, at no charge, and with no modifications. You may modify the Word files for your personal use only.

Older versions of selected files:

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