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Gems of War

Gems of War is a free-to-play, Match-3 RPG available on PC, mobile, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, developed by InfinityPlus2 in Melbourne (Australia).

Files are formatted for printing on A4 or A5 paper. Please adjust accordingly if printing on other sizes. If Word wraps lines inappropriately in the tables, please adjust cell margins back to 0.05cm or 0.1cm.

Reference Sheet Sample

Printable Reference Sheet

Printable version of the Quick Reference Tables web page. Two pages of everything you need to find quickly while playing the game. Includes:

Print front and back on one sheet of paper for your desk. Or create a portable version by scaling to 2 pages per sheet, and folding in half.

I intend to update with new Factions and Classes every month or so.

Kingdom Power Checklist

A tabular checklist for tracking progress towards kingdom Power Level objectives. Includes a second table of what those objectives are.

Best used from the point where all kingdoms are unlocked and some have reached Power Level 2. Changes are too frequent to be manageable before this point.

The second page contains notes that needn't be printed.

v1.1 -- Added Sin of Maraj.

v1.2 -- Fixed Sin of Maraj banner. Added Sunspear and Frostmage. Added coloured shading.

v1.3 -- Added Thief and Shaman. Added more coloured shading.

v1.4 -- Added Warpriest and Sentinel (and upcoming classes, in grey). Switched weapons and pets to reflect in-game tab order. Fixed website link.

v1.5 -- Added column for Max Kingdom Power. Updated notes. Changed border to Black for all double-plus banner colours.

v1.6 -- Added column for Faction abbreviations. Removed third Pet column. Adjusted column widths for new mechanics. Added all known future Classes. Updated colours in Power Task table for better printing.

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