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Reference Booklets for Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy

Download the Game Reference Booklets here (PDF format):

Please read the readme files for printing instructions and licensing. Both booklets are formatted for A5 paper (equivalent to folding A4/Letter paper in half).

The Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series of computer games has delighted Star Wars fans since 1994. Bringing the first person shooter experience to the Star Wars universe, the series allows gamers to take on the persona of a mercenary who later becomes a Jedi Knight -- lightsaber and all. Whereas LucasArts developed its own 3D engines for the first two games, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (2002) and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (2003) were developed by Raven using the Quake III engine.

Although excellent FAQs exist for both games (see the Contents page of each booklet), they are mostly designed to be viewed electronically, which is generally impossible while actually playing the game. The booklets on this page were created to provide an easy-to-access, paper document containing all the information a player might need to access during game-play -- plus a bunch of other reference material I discovered during my research.

Booklet Contents

Both booklets contain a complete list of secret (and "special", ie: difficult to find) areas, along with strategies for the most difficult set-piece battles. Also included are details of force powers, special moves and all cheat codes (including many not seen elsewhere).

The Jedi Academy booklet additionally includes information about which weapons are found in each level and suggestions on which weapons and force powers to choose, which you can record in a Word-format character sheet. Plus details of a method for accessing level statistics beyond those normally shown by the game.

Basically, it's everything not included in the game manuals (and a few things that are).

The booklets easily contain the most comprehensive list of cheat and console codes available for these two games, including complete information on NPC spawning, non-standard gun-like weapons, and extended lightsaber styles (you can get as many as six styles in Jedi Academy!).

The list of secrets includes clear instructions for finding and reaching each one without the need for an accompanying walk-through. It also includes a couple of secret areas missing from the standard FAQs and walk-throughs, along with a list of special areas with easy-to-miss goodies (some of which are, again, missing from other resources).

All of this information has been tested by the author.

You Can Help...

There's a few things I was unable to figure out. If anyone knows more about the following, please contact me:

  • How to make fly_xwing work in either game.
  • How to make drive_atst work in Jedi Academy.
  • Accessing Jedi Outcast level stats at the console.
  • How to drop a weapon.
  • How to switch to non-standard weapons in Jedi Academy.
  • The exact levels of NPC force powers in Jedi Outcast.

Printing Note: The reference booklets are formatted on A5 paper. In order to print, you can use your printer driver or Adobe Acrobat to print 2-up (multiple page printing) or pre-cut your paper to the correct width (14.8cm/5.8"). Acrobat shrinks pages by about 10% for its extra margins, so the other options yield better results.

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