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Feat Charts for D&D Computer Games

Download the Feat Charts here:

There's been a resurgence in computer games based on Dungeons & Dragons in recent years. The latest games are based on 3rd Edition D&D, which introduced the concept of Character Feats -- special abilities that a PC can choose when advancing a level.

Unfortunately, many Feats have prerequisites, which makes for a pretty complicated structure. That's why I created printable charts of all the Feats available in three of these computer games, including descriptions, prerequisites and inter-relations.

Here's a sample screenshot from my Neverwinter Nights feat chart:

By illustrating the relationships between feats graphically, as well as summarising the features of each feat, level advancement becomes much more straightforward.

I can't understand why WotC didn't include a similar chart in their Player's Handbook!

Note: The feat charts are formatted on A4 paper. Other than that, they're ready to unzip, load into Word and send straight to the printer.

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